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Not All Pilot Cars Are Equal

Excavator escorted from Tampa, FL to Mississippi

Weather you’re relatively new to hiring pilot cars or you’ve been hauling oversize loads your entire career, you know that a quality escort can make all the difference in how smoothly your trip goes.   We’ve all had the misfortune of running with a “Mud Flap” - the escort that’s just riding behind the trailer as if he were attached to it - not being proactive, taking forever to clear the lane, causing you to lose your momentum, we don’t work with them.  You’ll never get a Mud Flap if you call us.   All of our escorts are highly experienced and have all necessary equipment, certifications and insurance.  

Quality High Pole

Pilot car / Escort vehicle running high pope on a night move in Kentucky

All of our Florida pilot car High Pole escorts use quality high poles - Wonder Pole or Rattler high poles - no painter poles.  Also, we use top of the line routing software to keep your load on route.  Never will your high pole ask “so, are we supposed to turn Left or Right here?”  We get the permits before leaving (usually emailed to us the night before) and have your entire permitted route planned and uploaded to our iPads or Laptops to follow along like GPS - making turn by turn directions much easier and more reliable. 

Full Office On Wheels

Pilot car / escort vehicle with iPad, printer and dash cams installed.

Most of our escort vehicle have full office equipment installed.  Tablet or laptop for route planning.  Email to Fax capability and wireless printers so your office can fax or email (whichever they prefer) permits etc and have them printed in the pilot car ready to hand to the driver at the next planned stop or weigh station.  Dash Cameras facing front and rear in case another truck or four wheeler drifts into your lane causing damage to the load, it will be obvious who’s fault it really is.  Video can be emailed directly to driver, law enforcement, and/or safety department immediately.